My Experience, like many of you; my life was filled with many ups and downs.  Often plagued by the desire to find happiness, I found myself on roads I now know were a part of the journey, but not a part of my destiny.  Many times the roads I traveled were rockily led by emotional decisions that resulted from one bad turn after another, I understand now it is only by the Grace and Mercy of God I am here today.


After my children left the nest I realized - I did not know who I was.  Fueled by an attempt to no longer give excuses for why I was not fulfilled, I went on a pursuit to find my passion - my next.   And what I found was AMAZING! With God's gift to me of 'storytelling' through books and theater, I produced four successful plays. With that behind me and looking forward,  I have decided to take the jump- Just Utilize My Purpose! 

So here I go - on to my "NEXT”.  I'm on a mission to tap into what God has in store for my life through my gifts, talents, passions AND my pain. I am sharing my journey with you because you just may discover it's time for you to step out away from fears, your old thinking and anything that hinders you from moving forward. I am excited as this is the start of new beginnings.  Come; journey with me...as I unfold the story that evolved into 


Queenie Productions!